Marble Plastering

Venetian marble plastering and Italian wall finishes

Marmorino Venetian - The finest in Italian wall finishes

With it's substance and colours Marmorino epitomizes the traditional venetian ornamentation which has characterised the most prestigious venetian buildings and villas for over 500 years.

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Most popular finishes:



Marmorino Classic's surface is glossy and shiny and of great depth. The finish maintains a very smooth texture.

The movement between colour values is gradual and reflects the light in very complex ways.

Hardness and resistance are characteristic to Marmorino Classic, even in moist environments



Marmorino Carrara is one of the finest plasters common in Venice during its "Splendour" years.

It has a very smooth surface like that of marble from which it derives its name; "Marmo" is Italian for marble.

Carrara is a natural material made of lime and ground marble. The finish creates a single, soft colour with subtle shadings.



Intonachino is uniformly rough with slight variations in colour intensity typical of lime-based products.

Intonachino is intended for either interior or exterior surfaces.


  • Washrooms
  • Wet rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Feature walls
  • Ceilings

Using a system of Cera Wax + Paraffin Wax insures it's water resistance in wet areas such as bathrooms and wash rooms.

There is also a cement-based option for flooring.

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